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Course Description

Kids Pistol Confidence is designed to introduce kids to the basics of the pistol. Safety, mindset, employment, and marksmanship is the foundation of this course. Developing confidence in our children is the natural result of taking this course, which perfectly blends practicality and combat proven techniques. Start your children off right with the correct fundamentals that allow them to grow and master this craft. Our instructor is a father and has a deep experience training young individuals in both marksmanship and in sports. This allows him to speak on levels that the younger generation can comprehend and retain.

Course Topics

  • Range safety procedures to create a safe environment.

  • Weapons safety on the range.

  • Weapons safety at home.

  • Weapons conditions

  • Disassembly/Assembly of the pistol

  • Cleaning and maintenance tips

  • Cycle of Operations

  • Safely loading and unloading magazines

  • Safely loading and unloading the pistol

  • Iron Sites/Glass Optics

  • and much more.

Course Pricing: $100


Preferred age: 8

Additional Requirements:

Additional requirements: Must have one parent or guardian in attendance. Parent or guardian is responsible for making the determination that child is mature enough to understand and follow directions and safety.

Minimum Equipment:

  • A quality semi-automatic pistol
  • 50 rounds of quality factory ammunition
  • Two Magazines
  • Magazine carrier
  • Hearing protection (Electronic preferred)
  • Eye protection

Recommended Equipment:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Folding chair
  • Weather/environmental appropriate clothing


  • Course will be approximately four hours
  • Please arrive early from the designated start time to set up your equipment
  • Once course is purchased, you are enrolled
  • If cancellation is required after purchase, please provide 48 hours’ notice

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